Due To The Recent Covid 19 (Corona Virus) Outbreak, We Are Closed Until Further Notice.


We Apologise For Any Inconvenience Caused As We Have To Take This Extreme Measure To Protect Our Customers And Team Members.

Exchange Rates

Foreign and cross currency exchange is a live and active market. In order to facilitate our customers we provide the best possible rates here. Please note a preferential rate would be given to customers who hold an account with us.

Please note there is NO Commission, NO Handling Fee, NO Admin Fee & ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES AT ALL.

Please call us on 020 7828 3482 if the exchange rate you are looking for is not published below.

We BuyWe Sell
EUR - Euro1.248401.08000
USD - United States Dollar (Post 2012 bills only)1.426501.16000
JPY - Japan Yen151.51500126.66900
CHF - Switzerland Franc1.315701.14010
AUD - Australia Dollar2.173901.95670
CAD - Canada Dollar1.834801.58170
DKK - Denmark Krone8.865508.00010
SEK - Sweden Krona12.9988011.84550
NOK - Norwegian Krone13.7793012.00120
TRY - Turkish Lira8.695606.73740
AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.739304.06750
BRL - Brazil Real6.726105.41050
CNY - China Yuan Renminbi0.000008.05060
CZK - Czech Republic Koruna34.2620026.30500
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar 11.039908.95010
HRK - Croatia Kuna 9.363107.37080
HUF - Hungary Forint429.25500347.55500
ILS - Israeli Shekel5.037304.04150
INR - India Rupee102.6210082.20500
ISK - Iceland Krona192.19100156.15700
SGD - Singapore Dollar 1.904201.50570
THB - Thailand Baht 43.9870035.05500
ZAR - South Africa Rand21.9110019.00800
LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee246.86500191.60800
RUB - Russia Ruble 119.3990087.77500
PLN - Poland Zloty5.568304.40110
PHP - Philippines Peso 65.9340054.36800
NZD - New Zealand Dollar 2.262501.83080
MYR - Malaysia Ringgit5.801104.56080
MXN - Mexico Peso 31.8320024.05500
MAD - Morocco Dirham13.1610010.05500
SAR - Saudi Arabia Riyal5.554404.26880


Due to the recent COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, we are open only on Tuesdays & Fridays from 10am to 2pm (Subject to Change). Please email your enquiries to

We apologise for any inconvenience caused as we take this measure to protect our customers and team members.