Exchange Rates

Foreign and cross currency exchange is a live and active market. In order to facilitate our customers we provide the best possible rates here. Please note a preferential rate would be given to customers who hold an account with us.

Please note there is NO Commission, NO Handling Fee, NO Admin Fee & ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER HIDDEN FEES AT ALL.

Please call us on 020 7828 3482 if the exchange rate you are looking for is not published below.

We BuyWe Sell
EUR - Euro1.134401.10650
USD - United States Dollar1.314901.26550
JPY - Japan Yen146.52000139.69900
CHF - Switzerland Franc1.313201.24890
AUD - Australia Dollar1.938001.73290
CAD - Canada Dollar1.734601.64650
DKK - Denmark Krone8.642108.17880
SEK - Sweden Krona12.0471011.42690
NOK - Norwegian Krone11.0615010.48090
TRY - Turkish Lira9.132407.81190
AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.842604.61690
BRL - Brazil Real5.370504.72550
CNY - China Yuan Renminbi9.323208.44150
CZK - Czech Republic Koruna29.9830027.79500
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar 11.375009.77280
HRK - Croatia Kuna 8.883308.07080
HUF - Hungary Forint374.24400348.78800
ILS - Israeli Shekel4.999604.42660
INR - India Rupee94.8830083.00800
ISK - Iceland Krona144.95500131.88800
SGD - Singapore Dollar 1.815401.71390
THB - Thailand Baht 44.2320041.03800
ZAR - South Africa Rand18.8730017.76800
LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee206.88500178.13800
RUB - Russia Ruble 92.4930082.83800
PLN - Poland Zloty4.979504.64050
PHP - Philippines Peso 71.4740062.02500
NZD - New Zealand Dollar 2.100301.90350
MYR - Malaysia Ringgit5.996605.01080
MXN - Mexico Peso 25.7720023.60700
MAD - Morocco Dirham12.5850010.71900
SAR - Saudi Arabia Riyal5.019104.67780