Exchange Rates

At Victoria Street FX and Victoria FX Change, we trade physical banknotes, which incur additional cost than what you see on any currency websites or trading platforms. We charge NO OTHER FEES OR COMMISSION AT ALL and we strive to do our absolute best to provide the most competitive exchange rates online which is always better than the rates displayed at our branches.

To make the most of it, PLEASE PLACE AN ORDER ONLINE for collection on the same day which will be confirmed via Whatsapp or a phone call. Orders are always held for 24 hours subject to stock availability.

Call or Whatsapp us on 020 7828 3482 if you are looking for any other currencies which are not listed below.

Last Updated on : 26-09-2022 03:39 pm
We BuyWe Sell
EUR - Euro1.149401.11500
USD - United States Dollar1.123501.08000
AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham 4.015903.85060
AUD - Australia Dollar1.715201.62080
BRL - Brazil Real5.906405.17790
CAD - Canada Dollar1.489201.43060
CHF - Switzerland Franc1.091701.02860
CNY - China Yuan Renminbi8.384607.44110
CZK - Czech Republic Koruna27.8483026.51660
DKK - Denmark Krone8.660608.05310
HKD - Hong Kong Dollar 8.873308.31580
HRK - Croatia Kuna 8.574308.19600
HUF - Hungary Forint458.02080426.58800
ILS - Israeli Shekel3.951203.60960
INR - India Rupee103.7478083.04180
ISK - Iceland Krona167.83820147.74380
JPY - Japan Yen159.23570150.25850
LKR - Sri Lankan Rupee429.33850373.46570
MAD - Morocco Dirham11.958409.32400
MXN - Mexico Peso 22.5814020.63660
SAR - Saudi Arabia Riyal4.331703.95980
ZAR - South Africa Rand19.9449018.62810
THB - Thailand Baht 41.5767038.99080
SGD - Singapore Dollar 1.611501.50430
RUB - Russia Ruble 84.0200059.12510
PLN - Poland Zloty5.545405.12070
PHP - Philippines Peso 68.6362059.91500
NZD - New Zealand Dollar 1.934201.83560
MYR - Malaysia Ringgit5.337104.70750
SEK - Sweden Krona12.7176011.77880
NOK - Norwegian Krone12.0998011.09760
TRY - Turkish Lira20.2019018.33880