Currency Sell & Buy Back

At Victoria Street FX and Victoria FX Change, we strive to offer the best exchange rates in town for over 50 currencies. For almost a decade, we offer a very competitive exchange rates and have a large base of customers from tourists, retail and corporates in the UK.

Click & Collect from one of our Branches

Currency Exchange is a live and active market which updates very frequently based on the forecasts and economies around the world. To ensure the best possible rates to our customers we update our website at least every 30 minutes. Order your currency now and collect with 24 hours, subject to availability.

Pay by Cash, Personal debit cards & Bank Transfers

We have a variety of payment options, such as cash, personal debit card and direct bank transfers. We strictly do not accept any corporate or business cards. Please email us to open a corporate account if you are trading currencies on behalf of a business and we are happy to assist further. 

Receive the proceeds directly to your bank account than cash

We offer the option of paying directly into our customer's bank accounts free of charge if the proceeds are above £3,000. The customer has to be a UK resident with a UK bank account. Subject to T&Cs. 

Pre-order any unlisted currencies for collection

We work with UK's largest currency wholesalers and we are happy to help you with sourcing currencies that are not listed on our website or in-store, subject to their availability. Please inform us in advance and upon confirmation of exchange rate we would require a non refundable deposit.

Delivery by Post

Our competitive currency rates attract customers from around the country. In order to facilitate their needs, we deliver currencies by post at a pre-agreed rate. Please email or whatsapp us for more information.